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TFA Platform is a multi-chain Web3 platform with multiple existing applications and services built to power next generation digital interaction between fans, clubs, players, NFTs, tickets and fan DAO decision making.

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What is $TFC?

TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is the native token of TFA Platform. TFC is needed to interact with many of the platform's useful features and functionalities. TFC is bridged across from Stellar (for fast payments and fiat gateways) to Polygon (for NFTs, staking, DAO voting and other smart contract enabled TFA Platform Dapps).

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The FutbolApp

TheFutbolApp (TFA) Web3 social network showcases the extraordinary integrated power of TFA platform, combining wallet, chats, games, commerce and NFT buying around the 7000+ Clubs tracked live in the app. TFC is the only way to pay for ads in TFA.


TFA Platform is now making these integrated Web3 services available via an API as well as building out further dapps/apps to be launched into our fast growing userbase around the world and specifically in China where we have secured a partnership with the first government approved NFT exchange. China is the number 1 market in the world for football with over 400 million avid fans. Below are areas where we are expanding:
  • TFA Wallet and Pay System
  • TFA Platform Trivia and Games
  • TFA blockchain ticketing
  • TFA fan DAO

TFA Wallet and Pay System

TFA Platform makes it easy for non-crypto people to hold and use tokens. TFA Platform enables businesses to accept payment with tokens while avoiding volatility associated with crypto through its unique virtual stable coin credit system. Merchants get FIAT credits in the system for sales, then convert those credits to TFC at the moment they cash out - so price stays stable. Close to one hundred businesses in Cyprus accept TFC in exchange for goods and services.

TFA Platform Trivia and Games

TFA has developed some popular games that give staking rewards including:

  • Predictions Leagues - daily predictions leagues and competitions with TFC prizes
  • BallerDash - an NFT based arcade game that is used with our very own ballers NFT collection
  • pandaMONIUM - a floppy birds style game using Pandas, points, footballs and red cards
  • Midnight Madness - a mass multiplayer game that can support millions of simultaneous participants. The game happens at midnight in a designated timezone where users must guess a number from 1 - 7 after Midnight. The top few hundred winners are awarded, the winning is usually milliseconds after Midnight.

TFA blockchain ticketing

NFT based ticketing is under development which cannot be counterfeited yet is easy to use and also serves as momento of attendance at an important event. TFA app serves as a point of sale for millions of football fans. One touch NFT based ticket buying (with TFC) will be embedded directly in the app where users check daily how their club is doing. We make it very easy to buy NFT tickets (and merchandise) in this way using TFC (one touch).


A custom set of DAO smart contracts and voting and management interfaces for use by fans who wish to help their clubs and gain influence and benefit from doing so. Fans will send TFC to a DAO smart contract managed by a trustee. The trustee negotiates with the club regarding the powers the club will give to the fans (veto right on new coach, veto right on transfers, etc). The DAO will loan the club money by funding the contracts of players approved by the DAO. The borrowed funds are secured with tickets and merchandise.


TFA (TheFutbolApp) has entered into an Agreement with China International Cultural Digital Asset Exchange (CICDAE) to bring football and sports related NFTs to the largest football market in the world. China has over 447 million avid football fans with tremendous interest in NFTs, and CICDAE is the first NFT exchange licensed in China for secondary market trading.

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Livingston FC partner with TheFutbolCoin for the 2021/22 season

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TFA announces The Creation of TFA Worldwide Association

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The social network that wants to unite the football community

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TFC Token

TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is a digital asset on the Stellar blockchain.


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Livingston FC


🆕 | Livingston FC is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with TheFutbolCoin (TFC) which will see the club accept TFC for tickets & merchandise as well as TheFutbolCoin logo appearing on the rear of our 2021/2022 match and replica shirts.

TFC Official


⚽️ Did you know that Arsenal and Everton legend @1kevincampbell is a #TFA ambassador? ⚽️ $TFC

Find out why he thinks #TFA has such a bright future: https://youtu.be/wAhe27GDMFA

Kevin Campbell


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